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Channel 4 Goes HD

Uk broadcaster, Channel 4, has launched High Definition broadcast of their channel, distributed on using the Sky satellite platform. No prizes for guessing the name for it – Channel 4 HD.

Sputnik 1 Anniversary: 50 Years Today

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik by what was then the Soviet Union. It’s the date that the first man-made object was placed in to geocentric orbit, going around the world in a elliptical path.

HDForAll Pressure Ofcom on HD Freeview

On the day after news of the date of the first English town to start to go full digital on the delivery of TV, we’re reminded by HDforAll that Ofcom currently doesn’t have plans to set aside any of the freed up frequencies for HDTV usage. Despite a successful trial run in London during 2006, [...]

IPTV Growth To Boost Video Market To $277Bn By 2010: iSupply

There’s some mighty big numbers knocking around iSupply’s estimates of what the video content world will be worth.

BBC Say Yes (Probably) to FreeSat

It’s taken long enough to get to it, but it looks like the BBC is getting back on track with FreeSat

Sky Anytime on TV Preview: Sky VOD

We got a special preview of Sky’s latest Anytime service, this time it delivers to TV, hence its name Sky Anytime on TV.

Barclays Drop BT Media And Broadcast Deal

After a long period of negotiations, the deal to buy out the BT Media and Broadcast division has fallen apart.

Bright Star: BT Media and Broadcast Sale Close

It looks like the sale of the BT Media and Broadcast unit is coming to a close, with the probable name being Bright Star.

Sky High Vlog: The Army On Everest!

The UK Army are attempting to take Everest via the hyper-hard West Ridge. As if that wasn’t hard enough, they’re sending back vlogs.

Live Sports TV Coverage Threatened By BT Media And Broadcast Sale

Some of the employees at BT’s Media And Broadcast Division are refusing to work on televising live sports in dispute over compulsary tranfer to the new owners.