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Netgear XAVB101 Powerline Adaptor Review

If you’re looking for a way to get Internet around your house using ethernet, this can provide a very workable solution. The Netgear XAVB101 Powerline kit comes with two powerline adapters and two Ethernet cables. The units look a bit like a phone or camera power supply except they have a few flashing lights and [...]

Zattoo Hit By Hollywood Studio Legal Action In Germany

Disappointing to see that two Hollywood studios, Universal and Warner Bros, have taken legal action against Zattoo, a service that streams live TV to computer screens. Zattoo isn’t a fly-by-night operation and has legal agreements with the TV channels that it shows over its service.

Channel 4 Say Sorry To Mac Users (video)

UK Channel 4 has finally sorted out their video catch-up service. Channel 4 previously only offered 4oD which only ran on PCs running Windows, because it uses Microsoft’s DRM.

MBL Returns To Flash, Dumping Microsoft Silverlight. Why?

Looks like Microsoft has hit a speed bump in trying to get Silverlight adopted by broadcasters. Some reasons for the Major League Baseball stopping using Silverlight might be coming to light. With 500,000 subscribers, is the Web’s most successful subscription service, so well worth taking note of.

BT Announces First Fibre Link Exchanges

Are you lucky enough to be on the high speed list?

View DVI Monitors 2Km Away Using Fibre-Extender

If you like using your computer while looking at the screen through a telescope, Gefen has the product for you.

BeBook 2 Looks To Take On Kindle eReader

European alternative to Amazon’s Kindle offers Wi-Fi and touchscreen.

Philips Ultra-Widescreen Cinema 21:9 TV Gets Official For UK

Electronics giant announces pricing and availability for innovative TV.

#Spectrial: Pirate Bay Trail Ends First Day

You may remember that the four of the people behind Pirate Bay had copyright violations charges brought against them about a year ago. Today their trial started with them facing the accusation of “promoting other people’s infringements of copyright laws,” and earning money from advertising on the site. The representatives of the film, music and [...]

Amazon Kindle 2 eBook Reader Photos Leaked

Innovative second-generation eBook Reader gets a makeover.