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Zune HD: Finally Decent Looking But No HD Screen!

Zune HD is finally official, but it isn’t actually capable to showing HD.

Sony X Series Walkman Takes On Apple’s iPod Touch

Bullish Walkman dons reckon they’ve got what it takes to oust the iPod Touch.

Wedding Lists Go Hi Tech

Forget tea pots and plates – new couples want Wiis, high-def TVs and digital photos frames.

AudioBoo: G20 Boost Take Up

Well done to the Best Before team who are behind AudioBoo, they’re really building user numbers and adding features. AudioBoo, if you haven’t come across it already, lets you record and post audio entries from your iPhone. These messages live on AudioBoo and can be integrated into your own blogs – giving you an audio [...]

Shure SE310 In-Ear Phones Review (81%)

Steve takes a look at Shure’s latest incarnation of in-ear phones made for the iPod generation. Ed As in-ear phones you’ll either think the Shure SE310 In-Ear Phones are the best thing since sliced bread or hate the very essence of them They come with a variety of flanges to suit different sized ear canals. [...]

Peek Pronto: Mobile Email Device Gets Updated

Email-only gadget has another stab at success.

Sony Ericsson Launches MS500 Mobile Music Speaker

Bluetooth powered mini-speaker promises to rock the night bus.

Review: Pure Digital Siesta DAB Radio (83%)

Is this the perfect DAB radio for the bedroom?

Acer Serves Up £300 Aspire One 10in Netbook

Super glossy netbook packs 3G and WiMax option.

Manhattan Wired Store Gadget Feast Review

We check out the feast of gadgets and gizmos on show at this New York store.