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Macbook Air Sucks! Video: Knifing or Conniving? Real Or Advertising?

Are we to believe that the videos that we see online are not attempts at advertising?

Over Half Of All Spam For Pills And Viagra

Nigerian 419 scammers fall far behind blue pill shifters for the trouser-dept failed. When it comes to spam, the most popular topic is pharmaceutical, with 30.6 per cent of spams trying to flog you sexual drugs with 20.9 per cent imploring you to invest in some other medicines.

FOWA 08: Suw Charman: Psychology And Addition To Web Sites

We’re at FOWA listening to speakers and popping around chatting to people. Suw stepped in due to a last noshow but presented a fascinating talk. It’s slightly in note form, but the essential are there. Suw looks into how humans (that’s us) become addicted to certain Web sites and services like email. To build proper [...]

Netflix On Xbox 360 Exclusively: Analysis

Netflix and Microsoft have signed a deal to stream films and TV programmes to the Xbox 360. Starting in the autumn, over 10,000 films and TV episodes available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers who are Netflix subscribers, all for no additional cost.

Flickr/Getty Deal: Analysis

The deal between Getty and Flickr, which exclusively gives Getty the right to pick the best images from Flickr and sell them via to their customers in the creative, commercial and editorial industries — they call it the ‘first commercial licensing opportunity for photo-enthusiasts in the Flickr community’ — is, in many ways, inevitable. [...]

Best Warehouse: Best Buy / Carphone Warehouse Deal: Analysis

Following on from the announcement of the proposed deal between Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse‘s retail operation, we thought this was such a significant deal, we’d carry an analysis piece on it.

Half The Planet Owns A Mobile Phone

The mobile revolution has taken over the globe in just 30 years.

Ashley Highfield & The BBC iPlayer PR Offensive

We’ve had a listen to the podcasted interview with Ashley Highfield, Director of BBC Future Media and Technology, put out by BBC Backstage and thought it was worth some comment. It’s clearly part of a PR battle against those who are voicing disappointment at the BBC making the iPlayer only work on a Microsoft platform.

China’s Mobile Users Pass The 600 Million Mark

User base doubles in three years in the world’s largest market.

Is Sony Making A Significant Shift?

Rick Rubin, he of Def Jam records, has been running Colombia Records, owned by Sony. Yesterday, there was a 12 page piece in the IHT about Rubin and his attempt to change Colombia Records Beyond the “‘You might never see me, I may never wear shoes, you’re not the boss of me,” demand that Rubin [...]