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Royal College of Art Interviews Next Week

We spent a thoroughly stimulating day at the press opening of the Royal College of Art yesterday for their end of year show. What was shown tickled the brain but many of the conversations explored ideas beyond those addressed by what was on offer. We’ll be concentrating on just the RCA interviews next week, so [...]

Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds Camera Looks A Real Hottie

Old school compact with interchangeable lens fills us with unbridled desire.

Is Twitter Over-Hyped?

Research cast doubts on the real popularity of the IM service.

Documentally Rocks Much Social Media On Cameron Coverage

Social Media reporting show a much better angle that the National media.

Latest Spam Attack Getting Through

We’re told that spam makes up a huge percentage of emails sent, 94% was the last time estimate and my 30-day old spam folder with 121,625 messages in it professes to this. Living our lives through Google mail as we do, we’ve been existing in a state of near spam-free bliss. Gmail just catches spam [...]

Sigma DP2′s Super Sensor Seeks To Satisfy, Sadly Summed Up By A Sigh

High end digicam with hefty sensor fails to live up to its promise.

Apple: Mac And iPod Sales Down

Recession takes a bite out of Apple, PCs also wobble.

BPI: UK Music Download Sales Double

Nearly one in ten people in the UK downloaded music last year.

Sony Alpha 230, 330 and 380 Budget dSLRs On The Loose

Sony target first time dSLR users with budget pricing and hand-holding guides.

Ricoh CX1 Camera Review: First Look

A quick, pre-review hands-on with Ricoh’s high-def snapper.