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Zattoo Hit By Hollywood Studio Legal Action In Germany

Disappointing to see that two Hollywood studios, Universal and Warner Bros, have taken legal action against Zattoo, a service that streams live TV to computer screens. Zattoo isn’t a fly-by-night operation and has legal agreements with the TV channels that it shows over its service.

BPI: UK Music Download Sales Double

Nearly one in ten people in the UK downloaded music last year.

Google Street View Gets OK; EU To Sue UK Over Privacy

UK’s Information Commissioner brushes aside complaints by Privacy International

Kindle 2 Text-To-Speech Feature Blasted By Authors Guild

Rights issue sees Amazon implementing optional disable of speech feature.

Nearly Half Of UK Web Users Have Illegally Downloaded Music

Naughty Brits helping themselves to fistfuls of free sounds online.

People Power: Facebook Revolt Sees Off Dodgy New TOS Clause

Virtual people power sees off Facebook’s dodgy new Terms Of Service clause.

#Spectrial: Pirate Bay Trail Ends First Day

You may remember that the four of the people behind Pirate Bay had copyright violations charges brought against them about a year ago. Today their trial started with them facing the accusation of “promoting other people’s infringements of copyright laws,” and earning money from advertising on the site. The representatives of the film, music and [...]

Section 76 Photographers Scotland Yard Protest: Report

Hundreds of media gatherers assemble to protest against Section 76

New Scotland Yard Photographers Protest Today

There’s been a lot of concern in the UK about members of the public and journalists being restricted in where and what they can take photographs of in public places. Where previously there hasn’t been any significant limitations, there is now much concern that the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 contains a clause that allows for the [...]

OpenTape To Benefit From MixWit Closure?

If you haven’t heard, mxiwit, the great Web service that lets people create their own online mixtape, complete with a player that looks like a real old compact cassette tape with rotating reels, is closing, describing their situation as being “between a rock and a hard place.” There’s two pieces of good news to add [...]