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The Future Of Moore’s Law Questioned

For over forty years Moore’s Law has stood to be correct. It’s now being questioned as to whether it will continue. Named after co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore (pictured), Moore’s Law stated that the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit doubles every two years. Len Jelinek, director and chief analyst, [...]

Lord Carter, Digital Britain Report Author May Leave Government: UPDATED

Is Lord Carter off to the commercial sector following the Digital Britain Report.

AlertMe Raise £8m Funding

Today we’ve had notice that AlertMe, a UK company that develops and sells alarm systems, has raised £8m in series B funding. Good Energies, Index Ventures, SET Venture Partners and VantagePoint Venture Partners were the investors.

PCW Magazine Closes: End Of An Era: UPDATED

PCW magazine was the backbone of the UK computing industry. Now it’s gone.

Twitter Introduces Advertising

For a looooong time people have been wondering quite how Twitter is going to make money from this beast of a product that they have. Looks like they’ve taken the plunge into advertising. Today I logged on with a new account that I created yesterday, to see an advert placed in on the upper right [...]

Macbook Air Sucks! Video: Knifing or Conniving? Real Or Advertising?

Are we to believe that the videos that we see online are not attempts at advertising?

iPhone Dork Plays Wembley, T-Mobile Flashmob Rip-Off Part Two

Corporate advertising wheezes, eh? Doncha just love ‘em?

Virgin Signs Up To Google Email Deal

Google GMail technology set to power Virgin’s email.

Intel Profits Plummet, But Company Keeps Chirpy

Despite a massive 56 per cent quarterly fall, the Intel gang feel upbeat.

Samsung HD Phone Attempts Viral Video

Samsung try and push a video to make it go viral.