Twitter Introduces Advertising

Twitter Starts AdvertisingFor a looooong time people have been wondering quite how Twitter is going to make money from this beast of a product that they have.

Looks like they’ve taken the plunge into advertising.

Today I logged on with a new account that I created yesterday, to see an advert placed in on the upper right hand side of the page.

You may have noticed that this space has before been used for giving you tips on how to Tweet better – and we thought a pre-cursor of where commercial ads would appear.

The start is gentle, offering subjects that you can Tweet about, but who knows how long this gentle approach will last.

The people behind Twitter are switched on, so we suspect that they’ll do it in an intelligent way and not ruin the good feeling Twitter users have for the product.

Of course many people use third-party applications to Tweet through so will never see theses adverts on the Web page – but given the number of users Twitter has now, many of them newbies, they’ll still be getting loads of ad shows.