AudioBoo: G20 Boost Take Up

AudioBoo: G20 Boost Take UpWell done to the Best Before team who are behind AudioBoo, they’re really building user numbers and adding features.

AudioBoo, if you haven’t come across it already, lets you record and post audio entries from your iPhone. These messages live on AudioBoo and can be integrated into your own blogs – giving you an audio blog post.

It was seed-funded by 4iP – in fact it was the first project that they had backed.

We first saw it before the official release and were impressed with the quality of it. Now released, it’s a free iPhone App that easy to use.

We’d have used it for reports, but not being iPhone users, we haven’t been able to (more news on this later).

Good examples of journalistic AudioBoo usage
Some people have used it to good effect, such as ultra-local news site SE1’s first boo/post was an on the spot report just after a meeting of the Southwark Licensing Committee.

This illustrated one of the powers of AudioBoo – its immediacy.


The right-here-right-now feature was also shown in recording of a demo chanting against Gordon Brown.


London G20
The G20 demos in London brought another benefit of AudioBoo – the emotion behind an event as it unravels.

Guardian journalist Matthew Weaver has been using AudioBoo to great effect


His frustration at being searched by the Police a third time is also clear


Others at the G20 protests like DarenBBC also caught moments of real emotion, like this photographer who had been beaten by the police


Reflection on London G20 meeting
We were chatting to Mark Rock, CEO of Best Before, today about how the G20 usage of AudioBoo boosted the traffic, “The London G20 meeting saw AudioBoo’s highest usage, peaking at 236k plays in a single day.”

AudioBoo has also now come to the attention of the major media organisations, with a whole stream of them lining up to having meeting with them.


AudioBoo iPhone App

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