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Vodafone Drop DRM for MP3

Another one falls. Vodafone have announced that they are switching their music catalogue from Universal Music, Sony Music and EMI away from DRM-protected music to MP3 format. This makes Vodafone the first global mobile operator to do it. Not only will these tracks but DRM-free in the future, but people who have bought DRMd tracks [...]

RealDVD Brings Lawsuit From Hollywood

A strong sense of Deja Vu is flowing thick around the Digital-Lifestyles offices today as we hear that ‘Hollywood’ is to take legal action against Real Network for their DVD copying software, RealDVD. Five years ago last month, the collected legal might of the Hollywood studios took a disliking to 321 Studios as they too [...]

Is Silverlight the BBC iPlayer Silver Bullet?

The BBC are stuck over support for Mac and Linux, as they’ve got a wholly Microsoft solution. Microsoft might be able to help them out further with Silverlight.

T-Mobile Launches Mobile Jukebox

Phone giant offers mobile music download service, with online back up.

Universal in Dispute With Apple Over iTunes

World’s biggest music company refuses to renew iTunes contract.

Apple And Record Companies Charged In EU iTunes Row

It’s turning from a tiff in to legal eagles as things heat up.

Apple And EMI Cut High Quality DRM-Free Music Deal

Music giants EMI to sell unprotected music downloads through Apple’s iTunes service.

Sky Anytime on PC: One Million Films In A Year

The content-to-PC service has passed its 1 million film download marker.

Big Brother’s DRM Nightmare

How can the public expect to accept the restrictions of DRM when it’s this hard to use?

DRM-Interchange Alive And Living In Korea

At long last, DRM-Interchange looks like it’s finally getting going. Watch this one, it’s important.