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EMI Legal Threats Over eBay Kylie Single

The EMI Group has sent a legal letter to a UK user selling a promotional copy of the soon to be released Kylie single,’ In My Arms’ on eBay Although most people are aware of the litigious actions of the music business, particularly in the US where they took legal action against their customers, accusing [...]

Your Laptop Is Open Season When Flying To SF, USA

We’re still reeling after reading this story last week that a federal appeals court in the US ruled that it was fine for US customs agents to go through the content of an airline passengers laptop with no evidence of wrong doing – just because they felt like it.

Third Of UK Surfers Using Online Banking

Despite endless security scares, Brits are flocking to online banking sites.

Hans Reiser, Linux Filing System Creator, Found Guilty Of Murder

ReiserFS creator, Hans Reiser, has been found guilty of killing his wife. ReiserFS is an open source filing system that has been popular with Linux users. Reiser moved to sell his company, Namesys, back at the end of December 2006, when he said that he needed the money to pay his mounting legal costs. It’s [...]

Watch WiFi Detector

OK, we were all very excited about the idea of a WiFi detectors when we first saw the pocket-sized version and a couple of the subsequent ones. Finally it would be possible to work out where to connect, without first having to get your laptop out to … work out where there was some wireless. [...]

Samsung CLP-315K Colour Laser Printer Claims “World’s Smallest” Tag

Korean tech giant wheels out the hotties to show off glamour-free printers.

Philips DVD Micro Theatre MCD299

Stylish do-it-all player serves up some decent specs at a low price

MSI Wind Ultraportable Laptop: Photos Released

Attractive mini laptop looks mighty pretty, but pricing remains uncertain.

Nokia Unveils 6600 Slide, 6600 Fold And 3600 Slide Handsets

A bevy of super shiny glossy handsets slides out of Nokia’s product chute.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad U110 Gets US Release

Diminutive laptop looks a treat, but it’s a pricey number.