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LG-BH620T DVB-T Phone Gets European Release

Clamshell from LG packs digital TV tuner for Emmerdale on the move.

Miglia Introduce TV To The MAX

Miglia who are known for their TV dongles have introduced two updated models, TVMini Express and TVMax+ which are really the same as the TVMini and TVMAx but with new software. Bye Bye Elgato EyeTV The products used to ship with EyeTV but this has now been dropped in favour of their own software. Miglia [...]

EU Reding: Europe Should Standardise on DVB-H

Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media has been re-encouraging the European telco industry to pull their collective socks up and agree a standard to mobile TV. Her guidance to them is to settle on DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds), a European led development of the DVB-T (Television) standard that is throughout [...]

Elgato Ends Collaboration with Miglia

We’ve just heard from Elgato that they are terminating their relationship. Although we’ve been told that the contract ended on 7 February, it’s only just being discussed publicly now. Until then, Miglia has been bundling Elgato’s TVEye software with their digital TV DVB-T/Freeview/TNT tuners. Wanting further details, we first spoke to Miglia, who told us [...]

Samsung Anycall SPH-B5800 DMB TV

High-spec, snazzy smartphone offers video, mp3, DMB TV, camera, QVGA, TV out and Bluetooth.

Sharp 911SH Mobile With TV Recording And Playback

Vast oceans of drool swamp our desks as Sharp release a fabulous TV recording phone.

Virgin Mobile Lobster 770TV: Review

Mobile TV — saviour of the TV industry? James Cridland finds it a good phone with great DAB radio reception, just not ready as a TV platform quite yet.

Ofcom Should Force Sky To Open Its Platform: Opinion

How much longer will Murdoch’s Sky force channels to use it’s own DVB-CA?

446m Mobile Phones TV User By 2011? We Consider

IMS Research are projecting 446m mobile phone subscribers will be watching TV on their mobiles using DVB-H. Should we take this at face value?

Nokia Trials Mobile TV With TeliaSonera Sweden

Trials of broadcast mobile TV using DVB-H and Nokia N92 handsets start up in Sweden.