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Project Kangaroo UK VOD Blocked

Project Kangaroo, which was to offer video from a number of UK broadcasters, delivered over the Internet, has been blocked by the UK Competition Commission (CC). Kangaroo was a joint venture with the BBC through BBC Worldwide, ITV plc and Channel Four Television Corporation.

Met Office To Offer Free VOD Weather To Your Mobile

The Met Office, well-know weather forecasters, are to offer a world’s first – a free-of-charge (beyond any of your own mobile data charges), video on-demand weather service to your mobile phone. Access will be via a branded portal (lovely to hear that phrase again :) ), giving access to weather forecasts that will be updated [...]

Netflix On Xbox 360 Exclusively: Analysis

Netflix and Microsoft have signed a deal to stream films and TV programmes to the Xbox 360. Starting in the autumn, over 10,000 films and TV episodes available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers who are Netflix subscribers, all for no additional cost.

Adobe Media Player Launched

Adobe have launched a stand-alone Media Player (AMP). Using Adobe Air, the AMP plays back high quality video both on PCs and Apple computers at standard def and 1080p.

iPlayer: Wii Gets Beta Player

BBC iPlayer is further expanding the hardware platforms that it’s available on – the last was a troublesome iPhone launch. The latest is the Nintendo Wii, announced today, bringing the advantage that the iPlayer content can be viewed on a ‘normal’ TV, rather than on a computer screen.

ABC VoD To REMOVE Fast-Forward!

The Disney-ABC Television Group in the US has released a Video on Demand (VoD) service. Not exactly news for DL is it? We’ve been reporting this type of thing for years. Here’s the news. What ABC have done, in an inexplicable move, is _remove_ functionality that is standard in VoD services normally. They’ve decided to [...]

HD VOD Launched By Verizon FiOS

Just over two years ago we covered the launch of FiOS TV, an IPTV service by US operator Verizon, that operates over fibre optic connections. HD VOD – High Definition Video On Demand – has now being rolled out to a number of the regions covered by the FiOS TV service – Richmond and Virginia [...]

HMV And Prep Film Download Services

More retail big boys look to cut themselves a slice of the growing film download market.

BBC Trust To Listen On iPlayer Going Open Source

Finally the BBC Trust appears to be open to taking about the iPlayer going Open Source.

LiveEarth Registers ‘Most Ever’ Online Views

MSN claims that their live streams of the climate crisis gigs attracted a record breaking online audience.