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Redlasso Gets Copyright Legal Action From Fox and NBC

NBC Universal, Fox News Network and Fox Television Stations have filed copyright infringement legal action against Redlasoo, a site that makes video content from TV available to bloggers and provides tools to embed the clips onto Web sites.

YouTube Introduce Video Annotation

We were putting a video up yesterday (Virtual Mirror) and we saw that YouTube had introduced a new function – allowing video publishers to add annotations to their pieces. Hurrah – we’ve been waiting for a feature like this for a long time and had it as a ‘one day’ project for ourselves, for the [...]

Zattoo Mini Review: Live TV Streaming On Your Computer

Zattoo is a P2P applications for all three computer platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows) that lets you view live streams of many TV channels.

FoxNews Mic Nicked – iPhone Left Untouched!

Not everyone wants an iPhone. Man in Green proves it by swiping Fox reporters Mic rather than iPhone.

Porn Scum Stoop Ever Lower

The tricks used by pornographers to get you to look at their content drops to a new low – Children’s parties.

Google, Sina Sign Search And Ad Deal: China

Google have had a bit of a bumpy ride in China, but appear to be making deals that could bring them to a more profitable position.

Tivo Swivel Search Launched: Content Beyond The Box

Tivo have released a new search function that searches over not only the content on the box or that provided by the broadcaster subscribed to, but stretches beyond this to encompass relevant results from the TiVoCast service and Amazon Unbox™ on TiVo.

MySpace News Take On Google News and Digg

Where did they get that idea from? Will it fly?

Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Announced

Apple’s high-end video production package gets upgraded.

New Media Classification System For UK

At last, someone is thinking of the children, as Brown announces content labelling.