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YouTube Streaming One Billion Videos A Day

Google fess up to thumping big viewing figures.

Latest Spam Attack Getting Through

We’re told that spam makes up a huge percentage of emails sent, 94% was the last time estimate and my 30-day old spam folder with 121,625 messages in it professes to this. Living our lives through Google mail as we do, we’ve been existing in a state of near spam-free bliss. Gmail just catches spam [...]

Wolfram Alpha – Revolutionary Search Engine Goes Live

Brit-authored ‘computation knowledge engine’ set to rival Google.

Star Droid Night Sky Mapping App From Google

Smartypants space app serves up Patrick Moore in a box.

Samsung i7500 Android Phone: Video

Details emerge of the electronics giants’ first Android handset.

Android Cupcake Update Set To Hit G1 Phones

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s new features ahoy for G1 users.

Samsung I7500 Android Powered Handset For June Release

Finally, another manufacturer lines up an Android-powered handset.

Google Adds Innovative ‘Similar Images’ Search

Now you can seek out images by visual similarity.

Ask Jeeves Returns As Search Engine Battles Against Google

Online character brought back from the dead, supposedly by ‘public demand.’

Google Video: Turn Out The Lights: New Feature

Looking at videos on YouTube recently we noticed a light bulb sitting on the top right of the video playing back. As it was the first time we’d used it, we felt duty bound to give it a try.