YouTube Streaming One Billion Videos A Day

YouTube Streaming One Billion Videos A DayDespite spoddy techsters Nielson and ComScore calculating much lower figures, Google has ‘fessed up that their YouTube service is the most popular its ever been, streaming an incredible one billion videos a day worldwide.

Recent Comscore data calculated YouTube streams as hovering a smidgen under the 7 billion videos per month mark in the U.S. (heftily up from 5 billion/month late last year), while the bods at Nielsen frantically bashed away at calculators to arrive at a figure of 5.5 billion YouTube stream per month in the U.S.

Both figures are still miles ahead of their major competitors like MySpace, Hulu, Yahoo, Viacom and Microsoft, and a quick back-of-an-envelope calculation suggests that just about everyone on the Internet watches one YouTube video per day on average.

It’s a little unclear why Google has kept schtum about their success, although it’s been suggested that under reporting the viewing figures may YouTube Streaming One Billion Videos A Dayhave helped them in their various copyright infringement cases, or that they weren’t keen on analysts finding out too much about their costings.

There’s no doubting that YouTube are the absolute dons of Internet video, hogging a guesstimated 72 per cent of the web streaming market in the US, with Fox a mere blip on the distant horizon, having to content itself with a mere 5 per cent market share.