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BBC Say Yes (Probably) to FreeSat

It’s taken long enough to get to it, but it looks like the BBC is getting back on track with FreeSat

SPV M700 Launches on Orange UK: Also In Black

Orange bring a new smart phone to the UK. This one with comes with GPS built-in.

Apple TV Delayed Until March

Apple has announced that their Apple TV product will be ‘a few weeks late.’ Observers aren’t that surprised by this as it was originally intended to be released in February and that’s pretty much run out. The new date is quoted as mid-March. Apple TV will have a similar interface to their Front Row software [...]

Sony DSC-H7 And DSC-H9 Cameras Announced

Two new great-looking digicams roll out from Sony – but where’s the movie mode gone?

Olympus VJ-10 Radio Server

Super shiny futuristic radio sports 37GB of disk space for Archers junkies.

Mobile Use In UK Cars: Penalty Points And Fines Await

A major disincentives for UK people who are planning to use their mobile phones in their cars.

Freeloader Solar Technology Portable Charger

Keep your gadgets fed with leccy with this pocket-sized solar/USB charger.

iAxe USB Guitar For Laptop-Toting Plank Spankers

Students of riffology can now unleash their licks through their laptop.

YouTube Traffic Surges

Legal slapdowns from the big boys fail to stop the rise of the video sharing phenomenon.

It’s A Wild, Wild, Wi-Fi World

A third of US surfers have now accessed the Internet via a wireless connection.