Mobile Use In UK Cars: Penalty Points And Fines Await

As of today, drivers using their mobile phone while driving in the UK will be hit with increased fines.

The previous fixed-penalty fine of £30 is increased to £60 with the courts having a possible maximum fine of £1,000.

The real disincentive to drivers will, however, be the three penalty points that will be added to their driving license. If UK license holders have over 12 points on their license they are banned from driving for three years.

If those caught are driving anything bigger than a car, say a bus, coach or goods vehicle, the maximum fine is considerably higher, rising to £2,500.

Peter Rodger, the Institute of Advanced Motorists’ chief examiner, said: ‘Inevitably some drivers will think that they should buy a hands-free kit and the problem will go away.

“That would certainly suit the manufacturers. But drivers should be aware that they are potentially buying trouble – even when you are hands-free, research has shown that you are four times more likely to crash because your concentration is split.

“The best advice is to switch off before you drive off – and if you really can’t do that, be prepared to stop and find somewhere legal and convenient to return that missed call or check your messages.”

Some of the rules that do confuse are that the rules still apply, even when people are sitting in traffic jams.