New Scotland Yard Photographers Protest Today

New Scotland Yard Photographers Protest TodayThere’s been a lot of concern in the UK about members of the public and journalists being restricted in where and what they can take photographs of in public places.

Where previously there hasn’t been any significant limitations, there is now much concern that the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 contains a clause that allows for the arrest of people taking photos “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”

A definition that broad could lead to any photographer being arrested.

The NUJ arranged a mass-photo taking this morning outside New Scotland Yard, our man Mike was down there and will be reporting back shortly. has now published his Section 76 Photographers Scotland Yard Protest: Report.

Photo: Alberto OG

Rock The Net CD: UK Release 25 August

Rock The Net CD: UK Release 25 AugustIndi Music Worldwide Fights For Net Neutrality. UK release of Rock The Net CD designed to bring attention to the cause.

Net Neutrality
We’ve been covering Net Neutrality for over two years now.

We think it’s essential that the Internet is free and open. It’s vital that the speed of arrival of each data-packet that travels over the Internet is not dependant on if the ISP makes the decision to slow down its arrival.

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01: ITU Gives Standard For Mobile Phone Emergency Numbers

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has agreed a global standard for storing next-of-kin information in the dialling directories of mobile phones.

The idea being that if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, emergency workers will know who to get in touch with by looking through the contacts on your mobile phone.

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Stewart Purvis Joins Ofcom

Stewart Purvis, news super-hero and friend of DL, has been appointment as the new Partner for Content and Standards at Ofcom.

The Content and Standards Group oversees regulation of television and radio quality and standards and compliance with the Broadcasting Code.

He’s a hard-bitten newsman who has a strong understanding of technology and the changes that it is bring to the world of media.
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OFT Look Into Sky Buying Amstrad

OFT Inquiry Into Sky Buying AmstradThe UK Office of Fair Trading has issued an Invitation to Comment on the proposed deal of Amstrad being bought by Sky.

The OFT does this when they thing that the deal needs to be looked at and is the first stage of possibly taking it further.

We’re sure that this will be welcomed by the various other companies that currently provide Sky with digiboxes around the world, and potentially by other too.

If you want to leave a comment, details can be found on the OFT site.

Ofcom Wants VoIP 999 Services

Ofcom Wants VoIP 999 ServicesOfcom has published a proposal that some VoIP services should allow users to call 999 to connect to emergency services as soon as by early 2008.

They’ve carried out research that has revealed that as many as 78% of those with VoIP thought that they could, or did not know if they could.

Ofcom’s concern is that VoIP users cannot connect to emergency services when they really need it – ie. in an emergency.

If people have to locate a landline or mobile phone, costing them a delay of seconds or minutes in getting through to emergency services, it could prove critical.
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Digital SwitchOver: The Rubbish Dump Awaits! UK MPs

Digital SwitchOver: The Rubbish Dump Awaits!: UK MPsWhile the UK Government is keen as mustard for the Digital Switchover of TV in the UK, there’s now discussion of the impact that disposing of the analogue kit will bring on – that of further waste generation.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) was under discussion yesterday at Westminster Hall by UK MPs.
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