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Cadbury’s Live Dairy Milk Become Fairtrade-Certified Webcast

Well done to Cadbury (well known UK chocolate maker) for committing to take their Dairy Milk chocolate to be Fairtrade certified from Autumn 2009. Their approach to releasing the information is also refreshing – they’re carrying out a live webcast as we speak/type at Cadbury Live. Cadbury is also opening themselves up to questions from [...]

24 London: Interactive Bar Get London Launch

You know what it’s like when you want a drink at a busy bar – it can take ages to get yourself served sometimes. Often because the bar tender doesn’t know you’re waiting. Those behind new bar, twentyfour London, claim that this is all in the past. Alongside a whole host of interactive and technology [...]

Smokin’: Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel Get Microsoft Fix

Microsoft make a precautionary move, after reports of mains powered wheels smoking. Bought By ESPN

ESPN tackle rugby by buying

BBC Worldwide/ O2 Mobile Content Deal

O2 gets a chunk of the BBC content for sale to their mobile users.

Xbox 360 UK Price Drop & Elite Too

UK price of Xboxes drops and the Elite gets launched – this Friday.

OFT Look Into Sky Buying Amstrad

The Sky/Amstrad comes in for a looky see.

Vodafone Keeps Verizon Wireless Options

Vodafone decided not to exercise its Verizon Wireless Put option.

Pace Win Extra Sky Business

Pace grab extra business from Sky.

BBC Trust OK With No DRM On BBC Shows

Refreshing to know that the BBC Trust are OK with the BBC generated content going out in the clear.