Xbox 360 UK Price Drop & Elite Too

Xbox 360 UK Price Drop & Elite TooAfter a pretty long period of speculation, Microsoft have confirmed that they’ll be dropping the price of the Xbox 360 in the UK and releasing the Elite version too.

As of this coming Friday (24 August) the entry model Xbox 360 Core will have a retail price of £180 – a £20 drop and the 20GB hard drive 360 will gain a retail price of £250 – a £30 drop.

Filling out the top of the line pricing will be the Xbox 360 Elite, which brings an HDMI video port, wireless controllers, a black finish and 120GB drive – all at £300.

2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 UK Price Drop & Elite Too”

  1. This would be great news, if you couldn’t get it at that price already. it at this price already, if they were to be dropping it to £160 then great, but it really isn’t new news if you just shop around.

  2. Yes, it’s clear that there’s competition in the market for consoles – happily for the potential purchaser.

    Not been watching the price movements at Play, but isn’t it possible that they’re dropped the prices in anticipation?

    Also worth noting that the prices are retail estimates put out by Microsoft, so street prices could well turn out lower.

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