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iPlayer: Wii Gets Beta Player

BBC iPlayer is further expanding the hardware platforms that it’s available on – the last was a troublesome iPhone launch. The latest is the Nintendo Wii, announced today, bringing the advantage that the iPlayer content can be viewed on a ‘normal’ TV, rather than on a computer screen.

Play MP3Tunes Tracks On Your Wii; PS3; Windows Mobile …

Michael Robertson, the founder of, has been investing him money in many interesting, and rather ambitious ways that we’ve covered, such as a competitor to Windows OS – Linspire; a Skype competitor – Gizmo and the familiar ground of mp3 services – MP3tunes.

BBC Vision Goes Multi-Platform. For Real This time?

The BBC is to bolster multi-platform commissioning. “Again?” I hear you cry. Do you remember back as far as 2002 when Ashley Highfield, then Head on New Media at the BBC, was telling everyone who would listen … or write about him … that the BBC wouldn’t commission any new programmes unless they had an [...]

SlingPlayer Mobile For S60 Symbian Phones

Those who have Nokia Nseries and Eseries phones will be able to buy software, SlingPlayer, to play the video content from their homes to the handsets, wherever they are, from their Sling Boxes. Quick resume on Sling Box: plug one into your TV at home and any programmes that you can watch can be viewed [...]

NXP: Navigating And Playing YouTube Videos on a STB: Podcast And Video

NXP have had a Set Top Box (STB) playing Flash for quite a few years now. They’ve moved this on now play Flash videos, enabling them to support YouTube and other Internet video services without the need for a separate computer – and from the comfort of the sofa.

iPlayer: OSC Interview After BBC Trust Meeting: Podcast

There’s more to learn about the discussion between the BBC Trust and the OSC – it’s held in this recording.

Virgin Media: BBC iPlayer Via TV First

Virgin Media are to put the the iPlayer service on their cable TV offering.

Apple Releases Safari Browser For Windows

Steve Jobs releases Safari for Windows in his quest for a bigger slice of the browser market and to tempt PC users to the Apple way.

First BBC Show Broadcasting In Second Life Tonight

Tonight sees the first BBC TV programme broadcast in Second Life – The Money Programme. Not surprisingly, the subject will be virtual worlds with two sections being covered – free to enter worlds like Second Life and pay for services, or Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMORPG), like World of Warcraft.

TV, Music and Marketing: Their Current Response To Digital Media (pt 3/3)

We know Tech is hitting all media businesses, but how are they currently responding? Howard Scott has already covered North One TV and Sony BMG. Today’s final piece covers Kempster, their work with European football and the conclusion. Highlighting through italics are ours. Amy Kemp, Kempster In 1994 the World Cup Sponsorship was managed using [...]