TV, Music and Marketing: Their Current Response To Digital Media (pt 3/3)

We know Tech is hitting all media businesses, but how are they currently responding?

Howard Scott has already covered North One TV and Sony BMG. Today’s final piece covers Kempster, their work with European football and the conclusion.

Highlighting through italics are ours.

ESA Sponsorship Forum 2007 Talking Tech Write UpAmy Kemp, Kempster
In 1994 the World Cup Sponsorship was managed using a fax machine. Zoom to the present day and you can see how quickly things are changing (for the better!) Amy sees a big challenge for sponsors in the digital age being how do they carve out a unique position for themselves and their offerings when the playing field is so level?

As an example, Amy uses a sponsor for next years EuFA 2008 championships, who is using unique technology developed by EuFA to track player stats on the pitch itself. This has direct correlation to their own brand and product range, and in this way they’ve found a niche for themselves which has been enabled through new tech. This is the way forward to sponsorship she believes.

Amy also believes that for people organising sponsorship, agencies etc., the challenge is logistics and not the idea. Managing all of the licenses and rights when so many different partners and, more importantly, delivery channels, are involved can be a nightmare. Careful planning and the right tools are essential.

Summary of the event
All in all this was an OK conference, but to be honest it was a bit basic for me. Not being from a sponsorship world I was hoping for a bit more insight to that side of things – but this conference was aimed squarely at people who already knew a lot about sponsorship and little about digital – so i was in the wrong camp completely.

Still, it was a well organised event and had some very good speakers.

Next time though, I hope the ESA puts on some Wi-Fi! What is it with no WiFi at conferences these days?

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