SlingPlayer Mobile For S60 Symbian Phones

SlingPlayer Mobile For S60 Symbian PhonesThose who have Nokia Nseries and Eseries phones will be able to buy software, SlingPlayer, to play the video content from their homes to the handsets, wherever they are, from their Sling Boxes.

Quick resume on Sling Box: plug one into your TV at home and any programmes that you can watch can be viewed remotely, either on a computer, or portable device. Not only can you change channels remotely, but control the DVR functions.

This mobile development has been on the cards publicly for nearly a year now, when Symbian announced that they’d partner Sling to produce it.

It’s taken longer than they’d hoped, as they originally estimated Q4 delivery last year.

SlingPlayer Mobile For S60 Symbian PhonesAs it’s been available on the 3 X-Series package that runs on the Nokia N73 since December 2006, i’s possible that they software has been around for a long time, but 3 may have had a period of exclusivity on it.

There’s been a Sling client available on Pocket PC and the Palm platform for a while.

Those tempted by the offer need to make sure that they have an inclusive data plan for their phones, or watching their TV remotely is going to get mighty expensive – unless the devices have got WiFi.

It’s available on a selection of handsets for download now to people in U.S., Canada and the UK at the price of £20 at