Is Twitter Over-Hyped?

Is Twitter Over-Hyped?It may seem that the entire online world is always banging on about Twitter, but research from web security firm Purewire suggests that not everyone may be feeling the Twitter-love.

The company evaluated the profiles of millions of Twitter users to show off the abilities of their new Tweet Grade web tool (unfortunately, their website appears to be down at the moment so we can’t tell you anything about what it does).

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Palm pre Spat With Developers

Palm pre Spat With DevelopersThere’s been a rumblin’ in them-thar’ Palm pre hills.

The Palm pre has caused a lot of excitement since it had its first airing at the beginning of the year.

Its operating system, WebOS, is the key to the excitement, having been designed from the ground up to live in a connected world.

These days, since the success of the iPhone apps store, smart phones manufacturers are – quite rightly – obsessed with getting software developers to write applications for their handsets.

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Vplay: VJ on Microsoft Surface: Brilliant (video)

Vplay: VJ on Microsoft Surface: BrilliantThis is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a long time.

A small group of researcher at Microsoft’s UK Cambridge lab, including Stuart Taylor, have used the multi-touch Surface to bring an interface to VJing allowing anyone to get involved with the process.

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Twitter Flitters Soon Become Quitters

Twitter Flitters Soon Become QuittersIt may have an explosive growth chart that makes the Buncefield disaster look like a whoppee cushion going off, but it seems that most Twitterers quickly find better things to do.

New statistics revealed by web metrics company Nielsen Online has discovered that an astonishing 60% of Twitter sign-ups lost all interest in using the microblogging service after just one month.

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Opera Mini Browser Sees ‘Explosive Growth’

Opera Mini Browser Sees 'Explosive Growth'Opera is claiming to have seen “explosive growth” for its Opera Mini mobile phone web browser, with a massive uptake in use over the last year.

The company claims that the browser has seen a whopping 157% year-over-year growth, with more than 23 million people using Opera Mini in March 2009. This represents a 12.1% increase from February 2009 and more than 157% up from March 2008.

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Apple Lists Top 20 Free And Paid iPhone Apps

Apple Lists Top 20 Free And Paid iPhone AppsApple’s runaway success of their App Store continues at a rate of knots, and to celebrate the one billionth download the company has released two lists showcasing the top 20 free and paid iPhone apps.

Incredibly, it’s just three months have passed since Apple’s iTunes store shimmied past the 500 million download landmark

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Google Android Upgrade (1.5) Floated: SDK Released

Google Android Upgrade (1.5) Floated: SDK ReleasedGoogle’s mobile phone operating system, Android, is about to launch its next release – version 1.5.

Details are emerging as to what will be included. Users of current release Android phones will be pleased to hear that there’s a number of improvements including – the Web Browser has been improved; video recording, playback and upload to YouTube; the whole interface (IU) has been given a polish. Here’s the full list of features

Google has just released the Software Development Kit (SDK) to give developers an early glimpse and get their software ready in advance of the general public having it on their phones.

Android 1.5 SDK

Firefox v3 becomes Europe’s Number One Browser

Firefox v3 becomes Europe's Number One BrowserMozilla’s Firefox 3.0 has now officially become the number uno web browser in Europe, according to the latest figures from StatCounter.

Although Microsoft – once supreme rulers of all things browser-related – still rock the market if you add together all the various versions of Internet Explorer still in use, Firefox 3.0 is the most popular individual browser version.

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