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BBC iPlayer Goes High Definition

Updated iPlayer Serves Up Doctor Who In HD

Project Kangaroo UK VOD Blocked

Project Kangaroo, which was to offer video from a number of UK broadcasters, delivered over the Internet, has been blocked by the UK Competition Commission (CC). Kangaroo was a joint venture with the BBC through BBC Worldwide, ITV plc and Channel Four Television Corporation.

BBC To Launch Visual Radio Player

New service offers web based ‘glanceable information’ service for radio listeners

iPlayer 3: New Social Functions Outlined For Q1-Q2 2009

If you hadn’t noticed(!), today is iPlayer day. The BBC Internet blog is covered in posting from various of the BBC bloggers, so many, that they run way over the front page. Anthony Rose, Controller, Online Media Group and Vision, Future Media & Technology (blimey he must have a wide business card!), who oversees iPlayer, [...]

BBC, ITV & BT Announce Open Broadband STB Project

The BBC, ITV and BT have announced a proposal to create an “open environment for broadband connected digital television receivers.” It’s an initiative open for all UK public service broadcasters, device developers and other ISPs, which they hope will lead to a new generation of subscription free devices, carrying free to air channels and a [...]

BBC Website To Become “Corporations Second Biggest Channel By 2012″

The iPlayer contributes to the growing popularity of the Web site.

Ashley Highfield Jumps Out Of Kangaroo For Microsoft

It’s only been four months that Ashley Highfield has been with Project Kangeroo, the UK independent TV answer to the BBC’s iPlayer, but it’s been reported that he’s leaving – before it’s even publicly launched.

Top Gear: The Mobile Game Coming

The BBC is to continue to open up paths to make money from it’s car TV programme, Top Gear, via its commercial wing, BBC Worldwide. Cost £110m In 2007/8: BBC Trust

The BBC Trust published their findings of the review of the Web site. This is the first time the BBC Trust had carried out its review, as it’s operating under new Charter arrangements. Previously reviews of BBC services were a job for the Secretary of State.

Freesat BBC and ITV Free HD Service Launches

Subscription-free high def service launches in the UK.