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Review: Photos HQ For Palm (73%)

Boost your feeble phone/PDA camera with this clever application.

Orbit Speaker Review: Altec Lansing Mini Marvel (80%)

We get lots of stuff sent to us for review, and sometimes we can get a little blase about it. When the Altec Lansing Orbit iM207 arrived, we were aware of they long background in providing speakers for computers, but were only moderately excited when it arrived. Over the month plus that we’ve had it, [...]

Moo Cards Working Christmas?

You’ll know that we like Moo Cards and since that review we’re orders quite a few more, for various reasons. Today we needed to get some more, so thought we’d just as well act, rather than let it drift into the New Year.

The Wired Store, NYC: Gadget Feast: Photo Essay

We check out Wired Magazine’s “pop-up retail store” in downtowm Manhattan.

HowTo Select a Broadband Provider

Given the disappointment of many broadband customers in the UK, we though it might be helpful to put together a list of suggestions when considering signing up for your next broadband contract. If you’ve got more gems of knowledge, please add them. Our painful experience has taught us ….

Ofcom Consumer Panel: ISP’s, Please Deliver Advertised Broadband Speeds

The Ofcom Consumer Panel is officially asking Ofcom to look into broadband speeds in the UK There’s been some noise in the last few weeks in the UK media about the speed – or lack of it – of broadband connections.

3 UK And T-Mobile Agree To Share 3G Network

National high-speed third-generation mobile coverage by 2009 for the UK.

Two Trillion SMS Messages In 2008

Texting continues to grow, but is threatened by mobile email and IM tools.

Online Holiday Retail Spending Sails Past $22 Billion In US

Records crash as online shoppers wave their online wads with relish.

VoIPFone Review: Save Yourself From SkypeIn

Skype seriously annoyed a lot of people when they gave less than a month to have their London SkypeIn phone numbers – many their main business number – changed by 20 December. We were one of those unfortunates too, so were forced to take action.