HowTo Select a Broadband Provider

HowTo Select a Broadband ProviderGiven the disappointment of many broadband customers in the UK, we though it might be helpful to put together a list of suggestions when considering signing up for your next broadband contract.

If you’ve got more gems of knowledge, please add them.

Our painful experience has taught us ….

  • Don’t go for the cheapest broadband provider
  • Ask around clued-up friends about their experiences with different broadband providers
  • Have a quick trawl around online forums to take the temperature of public opinion of services – taking care to remove the most enthusiastic and demeaning opinions (there’s always the mad that will comment over-enthusiastically) – paying attention to the bulk of opinion
  • Once you’ve signed up, keep an occasional eye on the speeds you actually receive – but don’t get obsessed with it – life’s too short
  • Realise that speeds delivered to you will be different at different times of the day – remember you’re signing up for a service with contention, so when others are using it, your speeds will be reduced
  • Look for flexibility in the length of term that you have to sign a contract for. Shouldn’t good providers be happy to let you change if you find a better service – shows confidence in their product

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