Moo Mini-Cards Review (88%)

Moo Cards Review (88%)It came as a surprise to me how excited I was about receiving my Moo cards today.

I’ve been meaning to get some since they first surfaced, but my upcoming trip to the Broadband World Forum in Beijing next month brought the need further into focus.

Moo Cards Review (88%)Get on with it! It’s easy
There’s a currently eight options to select the photos you want to use, including seven online services (flcikr, bebo, vox, livejournal, second life, fotolog, habbo) that you can use to make the process of getting your images on to the cards simple.

As a Flickr user, I went through picking the 100 photos that I wanted, adding them to a special set that I named moo-age.

Once this was completed, I hopped over to Moo to get the ordering process under way, selecting from the list of photo sets that Moo had automatically retrieved from Flickr.

Next stage is selecting the crop of the images that you’ve chosen. Here you also get a chance to rotate the images or zoom into specific sections. This is a lot quicker than I imagined it would have been, made simple by the quality of the tools that Moo provide.

I don’t know if I imagined it, but it felt that Moo had done a pretty good job of selecting the best crop before I had my hands on it.

The text that you want to appear on the back of the card is the next stage, where you’re given six lines of text; the options of three typefaces; nine colours for the text; bolding of individual lines and the choice of putting a small image on the back too.

Once paid for, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the cards.

Moo tell you they should be with you in “around 10 working days.” I was delighted to have mine on the Friday after ordering them on the Monday – very impressive, but YMMV.

Moo Cards Review (88%)

So far I’ve only found one problem – I now don’t want to give the cards out, because they’re so lovely. A strong complement to the service and the product, but not exactly the point for contact cards!

Costs: 100 for £9.99 / $19.99 / €14.99 – Post and packing on top.

The feeling that you get from the whole process, even down to detail like the material of the bag that they use to send you the Moo cards, is that this operation is all about quality and good experience.

Our verdict
Ease of use: 92%
Value for money: 82%
Overall: 88%

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