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Nearly Half Of All UK TVs Digital-ised: Ofcom

Ofcom and the UK government will be pleased that digital TV is being taken up by UK households.

BBC Say Yes (Probably) to FreeSat

It’s taken long enough to get to it, but it looks like the BBC is getting back on track with FreeSat

Happy ‘Birthday TV’ To Me

Is this the height or the depth of TV? Record a video message and have it broadcast on satellite TV over Europe to mark someones birthday.

BT Vision Buys From BT/Entriq

Entriq are partnered with BT Media and Broadcast and have landed a client … BT Vision – but they insist the tendering was highly competitive.

Pub Landlords Get One Over On Sky

Sky’s been making up to £6,000/year from many of the pubs in the UK. Now the boozers have been shopping around for a cheaper option – £39/week.

Freeview TV Homes Exceed Analogue For First Time

It’s finally happened, the number of Freeview households in the UK has overtaken the analogue.

Sky, Disney HD and VoD Deal Signed

Sky is never one to standstill. Today they’ve announced the largest non-US distribution deal Disney has done to date. Stand by for Disney content.

Hauppauge Nova-s PC Card Offers Freesat TV Via Sky

Workshirkers rejoice as even more job-avoiding distractions are coming to a desktop near you … and without giving money to Sky!

Satellite Operators Consolidation To Continue

There are increasing pressures on the previously profitable satellite business. Consolidation is on it’s way. Tim Bourne gets into the detail.

BBC ‘FreeSat’, Looking Even Less Likely

As more evidence appears, it is becoming less likely that the BBC are serious about the launch of their ‘FreeSat’ service in the UK.