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Canon 5D Mark II dSLR: HD Video Is Stunning (Videos)

We’ve been salivating over the Canon 5D Mark II dSLR since details started leaking about it. Now we’re starting to see the quality of video it’s capturing, we’re in overdrive.

VCR2PC: USB VHS Player For Digitising Your VHS Tapes

Remember when we broke the story of the USB tape deck? The latest bit of USB kit for digitising your media from Firebox is a USB VHS machine.

Optoma Pico Projector: Handheld Midget

Projections company Optomo has announced a pocket-sized video projector. A long time back, Texas Instruments, or TI as it’s commonly referred to as, made the decision that they’d be a big player, if not the largest, in the world of video projectors.

Virtual Trainers In A Virtual Mirror: Video

Here’s an interesting video that we grabbed at IFA last year. The concept? Rather than shops needing to have huge stock of every trainer available, all that would be needed is for a stock of virtual trainers. This gives the shops a number of advantages. The shops can be considerably smaller, saving money on expensive [...]

Canon XL-H1S and XL-H1A HD Video Cameras Revealed

Canon’s XL-1 camera range has been a fave with the prosumer video camera market for years … actually stretching as far back into the previous millennium. Today they’ve announced an updated version, the XL-H1S and XL-H1A HD – both capable of shooting in High Def.

Sony Handycam HDR-TG3E: World’s Smallest HD 1080 Camcorder

Sony has announced the Handycam HDR-TG3E, claiming it to be the World’s smallest HD 1080 Camcorder – and judging by the photos we’ve had through, they’re more than likely right. The thing looks tiny. Sized at little larger than a mobile phone (33 x 119 x 63.5mm and 283g), Sony say it’s the smallest, slimmest, [...]

Skype HQ Video: The Logitech Cameras

There are three Logitech cameras to choose from to get Skype HQ video running, each equipped with Carl Zeiss Optics and RightLight – which makes the most of the light available to create the best image – but with different strengths. The Quickcam Pro 9000 is primarily targeted at desktop machines with the benefit of [...]

NXP Nexperia PNX5100: HD TV 2 Is Coming: Podcast & Video: IFA

If you thought that HD TV was the best picture you’re ever going to see, think again. The release of 100/120 Hz Full HD TVs gives you a pretty clear idea that the market is moving again. NXP showed us a chip the Nexperia PNX5100 which really ups the game for HD. Lower down you [...]

Creative Zen Release Credit Card Sized Player

Packing a ton of functionality, Creative’s new Zen looks a winner.

Apple TV Starts Shipping

At last, Apple have pushed the Apple TV out of the door.