Canon XL-H1S and XL-H1A HD Video Cameras Revealed

Canon XL-H1S and XL-H1A HD Video Cameras RevealedCanon’s XL-1 camera range has been a fave with the prosumer video camera market for years … actually stretching as far back into the previous millennium.

Today they’ve announced an updated version, the XL-H1S and XL-H1A HD – both capable of shooting in High Def.

What’s the difference between the two of them?
The XL H1S model incorporated HD-SDI (SMPTE 299M)/SD-SDI (SMPTE272M) output with embedded audio and time code, providing a raw, uncompressed 1.485 Gbps signal – pretty hefty stuff. You’ll be paying an extra $3k for that feature.

The range has interchangeable lenses and the new models feature a redesigned Canon 20x HD Video Zoom Lens equipped with Canon’s XL lens mount, which offer independent manual zoom, focus and iris rings, which can operate simultaneously.

Changeable Frame Rates
With more than a nod to the fact that video footage shot on the cameras can be used for all sorts of output, the Frame Per Second (FPS) the camera shoot at can be varied. FPS rates include 60i for mainstream production; 30F for perfect frame grabs or Web delivery; and 24F for emulating the look of motion-picture film. Canon’s Factory Service Centre can also provide an optional upgrade to add 50i and 25F frame rates.

Cost and availability
The new Canon XL H1S HD camcorder is scheduled to be available in early June in the US for an estimated retail price of $8,999, and the XL H1A, which will have an estimated retail price of $5,999, is scheduled to be available in mid-July.

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