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Toshiba 128GB Solid State Drives On The Way

There’s been some discussion over the last year or so about Solid State Drives (SSD) becoming a serious competitor to ‘normal’, moving hard drives. One of the barriers to serious and wide uptake has been the relatively limited capacity of the SSDs.

Sony Shifts One Million Slim PSPs In Japan

The slimmer shape brings boosted sales figures, but Sony still lags behind the DS Lite.

300Mbps ‘Super 3G’ Floated By NTT DoCoMo

3G is a bit old hat in Japan. It’s been available commercially there since 2001 thanks to the dominant mobile provider there, NTT DoCoMo. On Friday, NTT DoCoMo started talking to the world about where they see the standard evolving to. Named in an almost 1970s tribute – Super 3G, has a anticipated maximum download [...]

Wii Sales 6:1 Against PS3 In Japan

The Wii is thrashing all competitors in Japan – by a growing amount.

Nintendo Valuation Higher Than Sony! (briefly)

What is going on with Sony? Now tiddler Nintendo has had a higher stockmarket valuation than Sony!

Ricoh GX100 Digicam Packs In The Innovation

Our wallet is twitching and we’re feeling the love already for Ricoh’s fascinating new compact.

Creative Slim Down Vision M and W MP3 Players

Popular media players slim down, but where’s the big capacities?

Casio GPR-100: World’s Smallest GPS-Enabled Watch

Sweatband totin’ runners can kiss goodbye to trotting around with book-sized GPS devices on their wrists.

iBlueTube Valve Amplifier For iPods

Go gloriously retro and enjoy the smoothness of a valve amplifier – if you can hear the difference.

Japan Gets Sony Ericsson W42S 3G Walkman Phone

The first Sony Ericsson Walkman phone reaches Japan – and it’s a stunner.