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Google Is 7; Asteriod Impacts; Blackberry 8700 – A Teenage Tech News Review

Lawrence wonders how we lived without Google as they celebrate their 7th birthday, how to avoid an Asteroid impact and wonders about the Blackberry 8700.

Playstation: Emmy Awarded

At last, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences have realised how significant the Playstation is and have awarded it an Emmy for 3D gaming.

Mobile TV’s Business Case Yet To Be Proven

After two days of debate, mobile TV’s leading players can’t agree a way forward for the technology. London’s Mobile TV show closed its doors leaving more questions than answers.

Samsung Go Memory Mad, Investing $33Bn

Samsung layout their plans to invest a ton of cash in memory chip production, in the hope to get a few tons of cash back in return.

UK Risks Being Left Behind In Mobile TV

It seems that everyone wants the UK to be a world leader in wireless communications, but lack of available spectrum is holding back the roll-out of mobile TV.

Lumix LX1 Goes On Sale … Or Does It?

We’re stamping our feet and shouting “we want one!” but the LX1 is proving elusive.

Call forwarding and more added to PC Skype v1.4

Skype steps up to the plate to become an even more serious communications tool.

SanDisk ‘Gruvi’ TrustedFlash: Content On Memory Carts

ScanDisk goes large on providing content one their memory carts as they unveil a new DRM-protected memory card with very silly name.

BT’s IPTV To Launch Summer 2006

Finally a date from BT on their IPTV service in the UK. Jemima Gibbons has been slugging it out at the Enhanced TV Show in London, bring us the latest news.

V3x: Motorola’s 3G RAZR: More Details

The Razr’s been raiding the pantry but now comes with 3G support. We look in further detail.