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MBW-200: Sony Bluetooth Watches For Women

Sony have introduced Bluetooth watches for women that have control over mobile phones. We all know that lots of women keep their mobile phones in the handbags rather than stuff them in the back pockets like men do and most of them don’t clutch them in their mits a-la Paris Hilton.

Motorola S9 Review: Stereo Bluetooth Headset pt 2 (Score 72%)

This is the second part of the review. Yesterday we introduced the Motorola S9 review of the wireless headphones and covered the remote media controls. Use as a phone headset Pressing the call button when you’re listening to music automatically pauses the track and any voice-dialling commands that you utter are passed over to the [...]

Pure-Fi Mobile Speaker System Streams Sounds From Your Pocket

Bluetooth enabled mobile speaker system promises cable free fun.

LG Ice Cream Phone; Daft Name, Daft Pictures

Model agencies inundated with work as LG announce new phones

Virgin Media Targets Illegal Downloaders

UK’s largest residential broadband supplier takes aim at dodgy downloaders

Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth Keyboard: Review (Part 2 – 85%)

Yesterday we looked at the layout of the keyboard and battled with the installation. Behold! Let the light show begin! Once we started using the keyboard, we quickly forgave its installation quirks, and marvelled at the space age glowing lightshow on our desktop.

Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth Keyboard: Review (Part 1)

We take a look at Logitech’s futuristic super slim keyboard.

Nokia High End N96 Announced

Feature packed iPhone rival adds digital TV and geotagging.

Microsoft Buys Danger, Sidekick Makers

Bill Gates & Co wants to get jiggy with the hip mobile set.

Samsung G810 S60 Smartphone Packs Wi-Fi, GPS

New feature packed smartphone has designs on the N95 crown.