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iPlayer 3: New Social Functions Outlined For Q1-Q2 2009

If you hadn’t noticed(!), today is iPlayer day. The BBC Internet blog is covered in posting from various of the BBC bloggers, so many, that they run way over the front page. Anthony Rose, Controller, Online Media Group and Vision, Future Media & Technology (blimey he must have a wide business card!), who oversees iPlayer, [...]

BBC, ITV & BT Announce Open Broadband STB Project

The BBC, ITV and BT have announced a proposal to create an “open environment for broadband connected digital television receivers.” It’s an initiative open for all UK public service broadcasters, device developers and other ISPs, which they hope will lead to a new generation of subscription free devices, carrying free to air channels and a [...]

iPlayer Now On Virgin Media TVs

As expected, BBC iPlayer is now available on Virgin media at the press of the Red Button on the remote to view on their TVs, rather than having to drag their PC in front of them.

Ashley Highfield: iPlayer Glory Boy?

How wrong The Times are in their piece praising Ashley Highfield, entitled “Business big shot: Ashley Highfield.” To label him as the man behind the launch of the BBC iPlayer, misleads their readers. Ashley might have been the person who stood himself up for interviews, giving the impression that he was the man behind it. [...]

iPlayer: Wii Gets Beta Player

BBC iPlayer is further expanding the hardware platforms that it’s available on – the last was a troublesome iPhone launch. The latest is the Nintendo Wii, announced today, bringing the advantage that the iPlayer content can be viewed on a ‘normal’ TV, rather than on a computer screen.

iPlayer iPhone Hacked AGAIN

Just when the BBC were pleased to tell everyone that they’d fixed the hole in their iPhone iPlayer service that let people download TV programmes without DRM – the very next day, the originator of the hack, Paul Battley, produced an update to get around the BBC’s fix, re-opening the whole.

iPlayer On iPhone: Streaming Only

BBC iPlayer is coming to the Apple iPhone. The BBC iPlayer service, that lets UK TV licence players watch selected piece of content that have been shown on TV in the proceeding fourteen days, is going to be usable and playable on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch using WiFi connections.

BBC iPlayer: Making the unmissable, unaffordable?

We and other publications have been reporting that the BBC iPlayer has been taken up in large numbers by UK TV License payers. We’ve experienced something that other individuals might, one that will have serious implications for the long term success of BBC’s heavily-promoted service.

BBC iPlayer Soars In Popularity

Switch to open web platform sees BBC triumphing over rivals.

iPlayer: HowTo Turn Off Sharing

One of the (many) complaints that people had with the BBC iPlayer was that their processing power and bandwidth was being used even when they didn’t have the iPlayer application loaded. While some of the more technically minded might have known that this would have been the case by default, the majority – and let’s [...]