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Logitech VX Nano Laptop Mouse Review (81%)

Sleek’n'small 5-button mouse packs tiny USB receiver.

Quake 3 On iTouch Using Motion Sensors

Thanks to PapaSnuff for sending through the video of Quake 3 running on an iPod itouch and it looks pretty cool. It’s been reported that the hack was carried out by Scott from games developer Hermitworks. Being a hack, don’t expect a release date.

Nintendo Wii Fit Coming To UK. Get Queuing

Innovative workout balance board for the Wii is coming to the UK.

Windows Mobile 7 Details Leaked?

Could this motion gesture interface be the new Windows Mobile OS?

Wiinstrument: Wii Drumming On Mac: Video & Podcast

We’ve all see Wii-motes being used for all sort of strange purposes, well this one is useful. A bunch of students at University of Potsdam, Germany have written a programme that lets you use your Wiimote and nunchuck to trigger sounds, such as drums and cymbals on a Mac. It’s not just drums that can [...]

$2 Multi-touch Screen: Video

Many thanks to megamani, a new subscriber to our YouTube channel, who pointed us to a video of a $2 multitouch screen. Much was made of the Microsoft multi-touch table when it first came out, well, with a plastic bag, some blue dye and water – and a bit of trickery, some clever wag has [...]

New Apple Keyboards: Stunning

Apple produce the best looking keyboard to date.

Tape 2 PC: Ion USB Cassette Deck: First View: UPDATED

Rip your cassette tapes with this soon to be released beauty.

Logitech VX Nano Mouse Announced

Cordless wee mouse for business travellers comes with world’s smallest USB receiver

Ion Audio: 2 New USB Turntables

Two more turntable from Ion Audio hit the scene.