New Apple Keyboards: Stunning

New Apple Keyboards: StunningThere’s been rumours buzzing around about a new keyboard from Apple for the last 2-3 weeks and today, we got to see it.

It does looks insanely good. It’s ultrathin anodized aluminium enclosure has low-profile keys that pop out of the shiny metal.

The maddest view is from the side, showing off the super-thin-ness of it, with the USB ports sitting at the top of the keyboard.

It’s nothing short of the best looking keyboard we’ve ever seen. It will be interesting to see how it actually is to use – and how much RSI users of it will suffer.

New Apple Keyboards: Stunning

There’s new functions built in to the top of the keyboard, like play/pause, fast forward and rewind.

New Apple Keyboards: StunningThe Wireless version is more compact, losing the numeric keypad and compressing the cursor keys to the bottom right. Connecting via bluetooth, it runs on three AA batteries and talks to the computer via Bluetooth.

Those who plumb for the wireless will still need the standard wired keyboard and mouse to setup the computer to work with it.

Prices: USB keyboard £29 ($49, E49); Wireless £49 ($79, E79)

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  1. It may look mighty pretty but I wouldn’t fancy having to type out 10,000 words on it.

    Those short travel, flat keys are notoriously uncomfortable to type on for long.

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