Nintendo Wii Fit Coming To UK. Get Queuing

Nintendo – the uncrowned kings of creating demand but failing to deliver the ruddy goods – have lined up another item for their fans to get all frustrated about.

The new Wii Fit – a fitness companion for their queue-creating Wii games console – looks to be finally heading our way, although punters can expect to go through the usual waiting hoops to get their hands on one.

Already a massive hit in Japan, the Wii Fit is a clever pressure-sensitive balance board, which lets you don the toweling headband, break out the pink legwarmers and indulge in a gut-busting workout, with activities like aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and games.

According to a leaked press release at WiiCast over the weekend, the Wii Fit should debut in the US on May 19th for ‘under $100’. A UK release is scheduled for April 25, although there’s been no price tag confirmed, with some web rumours putting the price at an upmarket £65.

We’d like one please, Nintendo!

Science Museum Preview
In a PR coup deluxe, the Wii Fit will be previewed at London’s Science Museum this Wednesday as part of an experiment to see if video games can help people lose the lard.

Along with epidemiologist Andy Jones from the University of East Anglia, the museum aims to test if modern, interactive technology can increase fitness levels.

A museum spokesman said: “Visitors will have the opportunity to try out Wii Fit for themselves and watch as its effectiveness is put to the test in a series of live tests. Human guinea pigs will be put through their paces exercising on a treadmill, testing out Wii Fit and playing a more sedentary game, whilst measurements of their heart rate and oxygen consumption are taken to calculate how much energy is burnt.”

“Throughout the evening sport scientists, physiologists and games experts will be on hand to engage and discuss whether gaming can promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Called ‘Play Away the Calories’ event, the Nintendo-sponsored bash starts at 7pm and is free.

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