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New Scotland Yard Photographers Protest Today

There’s been a lot of concern in the UK about members of the public and journalists being restricted in where and what they can take photographs of in public places. Where previously there hasn’t been any significant limitations, there is now much concern that the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 contains a clause that allows for the [...]

Rock The Net CD: UK Release 25 August

Indi Music Worldwide Fights For Net Neutrality. UK release of Rock The Net CD designed to bring attention to the cause. Net Neutrality We’ve been covering Net Neutrality for over two years now. We think it’s essential that the Internet is free and open. It’s vital that the speed of arrival of each data-packet that [...]

Ofcom Gives BT OK For Ebbsfleet Fibre Trial Line Rental Discounts

Ofcom are altering the very grandly named, “Universal Service Condition 1,” to let BT provide discounted connections to people on their Ebbsfleet Fibre optic trial, which plans to provide network connections of up to 100Mbps.

01: ITU Gives Standard For Mobile Phone Emergency Numbers

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has agreed a global standard for storing next-of-kin information in the dialling directories of mobile phones. The idea being that if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, emergency workers will know who to get in touch with by looking through the contacts on your mobile phone.

Kangaroo Caught By OFT Inquiry

Oh dear, the day before Ashley Highfield takes up the position of CEO of Project Kangaroo, the Internet-delivered TV joint venture between UK companies BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4, we learn that the OFT has referred the whole shebang for further inquiry.

Stewart Purvis Joins Ofcom

Stewart Purvis, news super-hero and friend of DL, has been appointment as the new Partner for Content and Standards at Ofcom. The Content and Standards Group oversees regulation of television and radio quality and standards and compliance with the Broadcasting Code. He’s a hard-bitten newsman who has a strong understanding of technology and the changes [...]

OFT Look Into Sky Buying Amstrad

The Sky/Amstrad comes in for a looky see.

Ofcom Wants VoIP 999 Services

Ofcom think that VoIP service that allow people to call landlines, should have access to 999 services.

Nominet Registrar’s Open Day

On Thu 5th July Nominet (the domain registry for .uk) held an open day for registrars (people who register domains). This was a chance for Nominet to explain what they do, and what services are available currently and what will be introduced in the future.

Digital SwitchOver: The Rubbish Dump Awaits! UK MPs

There’s more cost than just buying the next kit to receive Digital TV when switch over occurs – there’s the impactions of throwing away all of the old kit.