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Palm pre Spat With Developers

There’s been a rumblin’ in them-thar’ Palm pre hills. The Palm pre has caused a lot of excitement since it had its first airing at the beginning of the year. Its operating system, WebOS, is the key to the excitement, having been designed from the ground up to live in a connected world. These days, [...]

Palm Pre: More Details Emerge, 02 Bag Handset For UK

Leaked documents keep our salivation levels set to max.

US College Requires Students To Buy iPhone Or iTouch

Synergetic branding leverage opportunities ahoy!

Blackberry Curve Takes #1 US Smartphone Sales Slot

Apple’s iPhone ousted as Blackberry nab three out of the top five slots

Intel Profits Plummet, But Company Keeps Chirpy

Despite a massive 56 per cent quarterly fall, the Intel gang feel upbeat.

MBL Returns To Flash, Dumping Microsoft Silverlight. Why?

Looks like Microsoft has hit a speed bump in trying to get Silverlight adopted by broadcasters. Some reasons for the Major League Baseball stopping using Silverlight might be coming to light. With 500,000 subscribers, is the Web’s most successful subscription service, so well worth taking note of.

Peek Pronto: Mobile Email Device Gets Updated

Email-only gadget has another stab at success.

Blu-ray Content Market Soars In US And UK

Content Market for Blu-ray almost triples in the US in 2008

Best of CES 2009: Our Choice

We take a look at some of the best gadgets from this year’s Las Vegas tech feast.

Whopper Sacrifice: Confusing Facebook App

Burger King has releases a rather strange Facebook App – Whopper Sacrifice. In exchange for you un-friending (burning) your Facebook ‘friends,’ it gives you credit towards a Whopper. Burn ten and they’ll give you a burger in the US.