Whopper Sacrifice: Confusing Facebook App

Whopper SacrificeBurger King has releases a rather strange Facebook App – Whopper Sacrifice.

In exchange for you un-friending (burning) your Facebook ‘friends,’ it gives you credit towards a Whopper. Burn ten and they’ll give you a burger in the US.

Not sure what type of message this sends out. Is it, be nasty to your friends, dump them and we’ll reward you?; or are they helping people realise that the people that they call friends on Facebook are nothing of the sort?; or actually helping people get real and only connect to true friends?

Not sure, but given Crispin Porter + Bogusky are behind it (the domain is registered on their behalf), it’s highly likely to be popular, given the success for their past work – heck they’re even trying to make Microsoft popular.

Watch the vid below that Mike Monteiro has put together showing how it works ….

Whopper Sacrifice Facebook App


2 thoughts on “Whopper Sacrifice: Confusing Facebook App”

  1. hah, this is the news of the moment – someone just emailed information on this to me too!

    It’s an odd one, initially I thought it was crass, but then I remembered the old McCains(?) ‘Daddy or Chips?’ advert, which was pretty good.

    It’ll probably work well but, like you, I really can’t decide what their angle is. I won’t be getting involved – I’m not in the US for starters! – but I would feel uncomfortable doing that to my FB friends. (Possibly because I only add people who are actually friends?)

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