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Tudou launches HD service

Tudou, the Shangahi-based video sharing site that is reported to stream over 15 billion minutes of video every day — thrashing YouTube’s 3 Bn — has just launched an HD service.

China Restricts Olympic Journalist Web Access. At Least They’re Open About It

Western journalists are now complaining that their access to the World Wide Web is being limited. The Times asserts that the International Olympic Committee has ‘disclosed,’ that “A deal with Beijing has allowed the Chinese authorities to block sensitive Internet sites.

Beware: Charity Disaster Phishing Scams

It’s a sad reflection on today’s society that at times of human suffering there are those who will try to take advantage of the situation for their own gain. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) and other IT security organisations are warning that there are a number of phishing scams that are using [...]

Chengdu Earthquake: More Citizen Video: Devastation And Flight on Motorbike

Further to our pieces on normal people taking photos and videos of the actual earthquake in Chengdu and it effects, we’re grateful to Garth who sent us this video.

Chengdu Earthquake Captured By Citizen Mobile: Video

We covered yesterday morning how photos taken by individuals in Chengdu, China and posted to a mobile social network site had beaten news reports to publishing the story.

Chengdu Earthquake Photos From Public’s Mobile Phones Beat Newspapers

We’re all aware of how the news media has been changed by the use of photos and video shot by members of the public and sent in to news desks. They provide the instant captures of the moment events happen and enables viewers of the news to be in places that news crews just can’t [...]

China’s Mobile Users Pass The 600 Million Mark

User base doubles in three years in the world’s largest market.

Sony PSP A Hit In Beijing

The little bleeder are all over the Beijing underground.

Fake iPhone From China: Video

Wow – this is a pretty close match to the iPhone – and it came out before the iPhone!

China Unblocks English Wikipedia, Mostly

Changes are a foot in China, as they open up most of Wikipedia to the Chinese public.