Chengdu Earthquake Photos From Public’s Mobile Phones Beat Newspapers

Chengdu Photos From Public's Mobile Phones Beat NewspapersWe’re all aware of how the news media has been changed by the use of photos and video shot by members of the public and sent in to news desks.

They provide the instant captures of the moment events happen and enables viewers of the news to be in places that news crews just can’t get to. Early examples of this was the London Tube Bombings.

The latest we’ve come across is the shocking earthquake at Chengdu in China.

Thomas Ma used his mobile and mobile social network GyPSii to shoot photos on Monday at 1:40, ahead of the coverage of National newspapers that, we assume picked up the stories from the newswires.

Chengdu Photos From Public's Mobile Phones Beat NewspapersIt will be interesting to see how people deal with this material that they’re capturing. With an increasing dislike and distrust of mainstream media, those with this incredible material might start directing it to other news sources that they feel for content with.


Photos: Thomas Ma