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Apple: Mac And iPod Sales Down

Recession takes a bite out of Apple, PCs also wobble.

BPI: UK Music Download Sales Double

Nearly one in ten people in the UK downloaded music last year.

Sony X Series Walkman Takes On Apple’s iPod Touch

Bullish Walkman dons reckon they’ve got what it takes to oust the iPod Touch.

Spotify Teams Up With 7digital To Add MP3 Downloads

Hugely popular music streaming site offers MP3 and playlist downloads

Vodafone Drop DRM for MP3

Another one falls. Vodafone have announced that they are switching their music catalogue from Universal Music, Sony Music and EMI away from DRM-protected music to MP3 format. This makes Vodafone the first global mobile operator to do it. Not only will these tracks but DRM-free in the future, but people who have bought DRMd tracks [...]

ThruYou: Remix Cluture’s Latest Incarnation

Remix culture has just found its latest incarnation. Kutiman, a member of a collective called bacon oppenheim, has taken music videos found on YouTube and blended the audio and used the visuals to create individual versions of tracks – essentially using YouTube as a box of samples to pick from to create some great tunes.

Nearly Half Of UK Web Users Have Illegally Downloaded Music

Naughty Brits helping themselves to fistfuls of free sounds online.

BBC To Launch Visual Radio Player

New service offers web based ‘glanceable information’ service for radio listeners

OpenTape To Benefit From MixWit Closure?

If you haven’t heard, mxiwit, the great Web service that lets people create their own online mixtape, complete with a player that looks like a real old compact cassette tape with rotating reels, is closing, describing their situation as being “between a rock and a hard place.” There’s two pieces of good news to add [...]

Spotify Mini Review: (91%): Public Launch of Serious iTunes Competitor

For a long time, one option for the music business to save themselves has been to offer an ‘all you can eat’ option for music – pay a monthly fee and listen to all of the music you fancy.