ThruYou: Remix Cluture’s Latest Incarnation

ThruYou: Remix Cluture's Latest IncarnationRemix culture has just found its latest incarnation.

Kutiman, a member of a collective called bacon oppenheim, has taken music videos found on YouTube and blended the audio and used the visuals to create individual versions of tracks – essentially using YouTube as a box of samples to pick from to create some great tunes.

By way of understanding the diversity of material included, the first, Mother of all funk chords, features a mass of instruments including two theramins.

Each of the artists on the track are also credited and linked backed to, so you can explore the source material.

Great idea, and a refreshing approach. Expect this to inspire many.

Don’t miss this one.



Thanks to Kevin Marks for the pointer

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  1. Hi,

    I agree with your comment about Kutiman’s contribution to remix culture….
    FYI – Kutiman doesn’t belong to any Collective, Bacon Oppenheim are the talented web designers that designed this great site, providing a platform to showcase Kutiman’s art.

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