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Documentally Rocks Much Social Media On Cameron Coverage

Social Media reporting show a much better angle that the National media.

AudioBoo: G20 Boost Take Up

Well done to the Best Before team who are behind AudioBoo, they’re really building user numbers and adding features. AudioBoo, if you haven’t come across it already, lets you record and post audio entries from your iPhone. These messages live on AudioBoo and can be integrated into your own blogs – giving you an audio [...]

#uksnow Twitter Map Mashup & Skiing To Work!

Another day, another use of Twitter. Today it’s being used to report the levels of snow falls around the UK. All very useful individually, but the power of a mass of people reporting this information is when it’s brought together.

Whopper Sacrifice: Confusing Facebook App

Burger King has releases a rather strange Facebook App – Whopper Sacrifice. In exchange for you un-friending (burning) your Facebook ‘friends,’ it gives you credit towards a Whopper. Burn ten and they’ll give you a burger in the US.

Oasis Joins The Growing Band Of Twitter Fans

A couple of new Twitter converts came to our attention last night, despite what Nick Curtis thinks of it. Oasis, who are on a tour in the US at the moment, jumped on to Twitter a couple of days ago with their @OasisOfficial account. They haven’t exactly gone mad on it, making only two posts, [...]

FOWA 08: Suw Charman: Psychology And Addition To Web Sites

We’re at FOWA listening to speakers and popping around chatting to people. Suw stepped in due to a last noshow but presented a fascinating talk. It’s slightly in note form, but the essential are there. Suw looks into how humans (that’s us) become addicted to certain Web sites and services like email. To build proper [...]

Facebook & Intel Say I Love You

Looks like Facebook and Intel are happy to tell everyone that they’re going out together – and Intel will be providing their server processors. Facebook users the world over will be breathing a sign of relief, as frankly it can be a real drag to use it, as it often runs like treacle.

Lisa Nova Plays A Twitter Whore

Lisa Nova is well known on YouTube as making amusing videos where she either plays a character or makes a joke of other people, at their expense. Her latest target Twitter, or rather Twitter users.

Redlasso Gets Copyright Legal Action From Fox and NBC

NBC Universal, Fox News Network and Fox Television Stations have filed copyright infringement legal action against Redlasoo, a site that makes video content from TV available to bloggers and provides tools to embed the clips onto Web sites.

Blog Post Leads To London Major Advisor Resigning

Citizen Journalism site, The-Latest, has been told by the Press Association that they are the first UK citizen journalism site to force the resignation of a public official. Marc Wadsworth from The-Latest carried out an interview with James McGrath, until recently Boris Johnson’s deputy chief of staff and political advisor.