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Sky UK Raising $600m In Private Bond Issue

We’ve just had notice that the UK side of Sky’s operation, British Sky Broadcasting Group plc, are raising around $600 million through a private Bond issue. They’ll be paying 9.5% interest, it will mature in 2018 and they hope it to close on or about 24 November 2008. The full statement is below.

Sky & Virgin Kiss And Make Up: Carry Each Others Channels

Finally Sky and Virgin Media are holding hands again following their bust up dating back to Feb 2007. The overview? Sky will carry some of Virgin’s channels on their service and Virgin will carry some of Sky’s channels – both agreements last until 2011. They’ll both drop the outstanding High Court actions against each other. [...]

Sky Max: Actually Going Unlimited

As you’ll know, many broadband providers sell you unlimited boradband service that are actually … limited. Under the guise of a Fair Use Policy (FUP), you are slapped on the wrist if you download more than they’ve deemed as fair. After a few slaps, they’ll cut you off.

Sky Files First Loss for Six Years

The interim results for UK satellite broadcaster Sky have been announced, with a £36 million pre-tax loss showing for the six-month period ending 31 December – its first loss for six years. Balanced against the financial loss was otherwise positive news, like their ARPU raising to a record £421 per subscriber, an increase in subscribers [...]

Sky Broadband Passes 1 Million Subscribers

In less than 14 months, Sky Broadband has passed the 1 million subscriber milestone – faster than any other UK broadband provider to date. Sky has found that around 30% of customers who have joined Sky Broadband so far are new Sky TV customers.

OFT Look Into Sky Buying Amstrad

The Sky/Amstrad comes in for a looky see.

Pace Win Extra Sky Business

Pace grab extra business from Sky.

24-7 Football: Sky Offer To Mobile UK

As we’re not fans of football, we’re constantly amazed at how keen people are to watch the game that involves people kicking a pig’s bladder around an oblong section of grass. Ho, Hmm. Never one to not take the opportunity of cramming more football into people lives, Sky TV has teamed up with a load [...]

BSkyB Scoops Up Amstrad

Murdoch’s monster media mammoths agrees deal for Amstrad’s set top boxes

Sky Content To PSPs

Sky find another way to get their content out – this time to the PSP handheld.