Sky Max: Actually Going Unlimited

Sky Max: Actually Going UnlimitedAs you’ll know, many broadband providers sell you unlimited boradband service that are actually … limited.

Under the guise of a Fair Use Policy (FUP), you are slapped on the wrist if you download more than they’ve deemed as fair. After a few slaps, they’ll cut you off.

Sky is to actually deliver on their unlimited tag, by remove their FUP for their Max service.

If you happen to be on an exchange that has been unbundled (LLU – ie Sky have their own eqipment in the exchange), you’ll be able to get up to 16 Mbps and as much bandwidth as you like, Sky say.

Those sharp eyes at ThinkBroadband have noticed that there’s still a clause in Sky’s T&Cs that they “reserve the right to protect their network and maintain quality of service for all our users,” but they think this is stop people using spam servers on their network.