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Joost Re-reviewed

We haven’t had a look at Joost for a long time, but following an email from them, we thought we’d take a look and give you a quick update. URL To Programmes Joost now has its own URL structure so you can blog/point to programmes that are on Joost to others. This works not only [...]

Warner Brothers TV: Joost Gets Exclusive Content

Joost is continuing to pick up content partners with the most recent being Warner Bros. Television (WBTV). This time Joost is getting the content on an exclusive basis. One of the common complaints of the TV service, has been that there isn’t anything to watch on it, as was brought up in a recent BBC [...]

Joost: Reese’s (non)Review

Poor old Reese. He won the competition, but his computer wasn’t up to it. Wise words from him none the less.

Joost Invite Winners

Catch up with the names of the three lucky winners.

Joost Invitations Up For Grabs

We’re fans of Joost, the full-screen, P2P TV service still in beta. You’ll know from our Joost coverage that we think it’s definitely one to watch and to that end we want to share the love a little. We’ve got three invitation available to you, our valued readers and we’re only asking for two things [...]

Guinness World Records Joost Deal Live

Joost racks up another content deal. This time it’s a record breaker.

Joost: SSL Certificate Runs Out – v0.9.2 Released

A software glitch around certificates has cause another issue of the Joost client.

Joost v0.9 Out: Grab Your Name Quick

Speed is of the essence if you want your name of choice on what could dominate ‘new’ TV.

Viacom Joost Deal Struck

Joost announce their first major content deal with a bunch of Viacom channel content.

Joost: The Venice Project Renamed

The next-market-to-disrupt target of the Skype/Kazaa founders – TV – has it’s latest news. The Venice Project’s working name has been changed to Joost, continuing their penchant for picking weird names – always a benefit when you want the domains(!). As to the source/root of the name … ? Well it could be that their [...]